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Cinnamon Tea

Intricate Snow Art by Simon Beck


Alderley Edge has been a sacred site for many thousands of years and has many legends attached to it.

snow #myinterflorachristmas


Alexey Kljatov.

Alexey Kljatov.

Check out these incredible images of snowflakes under a microscope by Alexey Kljatov.

Hardoworking acorn pigs in England, via Buzzfeed.

misty terrace view old westbury gardens

Just thinking.....

INPSYTRINSIC 1. the quintessential aspects that formulate human identity and personality. 2. intrinsic to the self. 3. complexity of the mind. 4. internal self reflection.

Greg Spalenka

There’s always someone who secretly believes in myths and legends; or at least parts of them. Those are the people who will look beyond the obvious and see things in this world that are truly wonderful…. But they won’t say anything, even if they do. Because the rest of us who view the world as logical and scientific wouldn’t see the truth if it was posted up on a billboard~~ #A. Pike

with many rivers ahead by ~galifardeu

shaft of light

Jeff Peters

Nigel Rolfe




ETHYLLINE 1. light and delicate; refined; ethereal. 2. of the air. 3. to flow and float in a tenuous and delicate manner.