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Annette Kellerman: overcame physical disabilities to become a professional swimmer, vaudeville and silent film star; first woman to wear a one-piece swimsuit (& first to get arrested for it); first major actress to appear fully nude on camera; her water ballets are considered by many to have invented synchronized swimming; she dove into pools full of crocodiles and wrote aquatic fairy tales; a Harvard professor declared her “the perfect woman” for her measurements matched those of Venus de…

"Franceska Mann. A document . . . found in the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration . . . was declassified in 2010: "INCIDENTS: 48. Informant remembers that in Nov 43 there occurred the celebrated incident when a notorious S.S. Scharfuehrer, Schillinger, one of the worst murderers and henchmen in Birkenau, was shot dead with his own revolver by a French Jewish actress who had already been stripped naked and was about to be gassed.""

Jeanette "Jennie" Jerome (1854-1921) was one of three pretty daughters of financier Leonard Jerome and his wife Clara. She married Lord Randolph Churchill, second son of the Duke of Marlborough. She had two children, Winston Churchill, the future prime minister, and John. She had many affairs during her marriage, including with King Edward VII. After her husband died, she married a man as young as her sons, which was very shocking for the time. She subsequently married an even younger man.

from Lauren Conrad

Tuesday Ten: Summer Cocktails

Cherry beer margaritas are the perfect, fun cocktail to enjoy during the summer.


Love at First Sight, Transcending Nazi Internment

Jack & Ina Polak sparked a love affair while in the same concentration camp, exchanging love letters over the course of being held captive. They married after being liberated, and have stayed together over 60 years.

Return of the Mona Lisa at the end of World War Two. --- On the eve of war, curators at the Louvre swathed the museum's most priceless painting in layers of waterproof paper, boxed it up and spirited it to the French countryside for safekeeping. The painting was moved another five times during the war before she was safely returned to the Louvre after the Liberation.