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After Small Dog Is Carried off by a Coyote, The Neighbor’s Rottweiler Springs Into Action!

This is one of the craziest things i've ever seen! <<<< Not kidding this is insane! Whoa!

from 9GAG

This hit me hard

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Learning CPR and First Aid could save your pet's life. Here are the things EVERY pet owner ought to know:


They Were Filming A News Story About A Fallen Soldier’s Dog When Something INCREDIBLE Happened!

They were filming a news story about a fallen soldier's dog when the INCREDIBLE happen!

Funny Pictures Of The Day 58 Pics - more funny things:


19 Year Old Therapy Dog Visits Patients Nearing Death. You’re Gonna Wanna See What Happens!

This touched me very deeply. OMG I'm in tears!!

from BuzzFeed

31 Reasons Rottweilers Are The Absolute Worst

JUST LOOK AT THIS INSANITY!!!!!!!!! | 31 Reasons Rottweilers Are The Absolute Worst


They Rescued A Homeless Dog, But They Sure Didn’t Expect This!

They Rescued A Homeless Dog But They Sure Didn't Expect This!!

handsomedogs: Fun Friday- Ollie doing his favourite things, smiling, playing in the water and waiting for his ball


After No One Would Help Her, This Dog Had The Sweetest Reaction When Someone Finally Did

What an amazing story!