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Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok - Wrath of the Northmen - Vikings - History Channel Series.

Travis Fimmel looks so much better as a viking than in real life. Look him up.

Travis Fimmel. I keep forgetting this guy was a Calvin Klein model before "Vikings".

#ragnarlothbrok #vikings Can we just take a minute to appreciate viking beauty...thanks.

ragnar lothbrok | Tumblr

Ragnar Lothbrok - Vikings - Brett Barkley

☆ Ragnar Lothbrok & Torstein on Vikings ☆

☆ Bjorn and and Ragnar Lothbrok on Vikings ☆

Mmmm...nice. I love the Vikings pics from the tv show. Rollo played by Clive arm in the Universe! Photo: "The Vikings," History Channel, Season 2, Episode 1, fight scene "Brothers Battle."

Athelstan and Ragnar. "What do you mean born again? Like.. like a baby? Hey Jesus got asked the same question its not that stupid lol