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Getting this on my wrist but it will say love and Louis instead of love and life! Louis is my life♥

Rose tattoo | Black and shading tattoo | Girl high thigh hip tattoo | Love the placement

Love where it's at on the foot. I should have done just s small one like this like it was going to be at the first HAHAHA! I want to remove mine and get a small one i know odd but true!

Ankle bracelet tattoo w/ hearts and dangling initials. Pretty nice looking

16. Tree Tattoo - 44 Dainty and Feminine Tattoos ... → Beauty

When I'm at the zoo or am lucky to see a peacock in the wild, I feel more than just awe. I feel a connection to this beautiful creature, so along with the elephant, I consider it my spirit animal. Digging this tat.

44 Dainty and Feminine Tattoos ... - Beauty Dainty and feminine tattoos are perfect for people who want to express themselves without covering their whole body with ink. Small tattoos are very subtle and easy to cover when needed, yet they still carry the same amount of profound meaning as any other tattoo. Plus they always look classy and sophisticated especially on female bodies, just take a look at a list of these tasteful and feminine tattoos yourself!

New love tattoo, foot tattoo, ankle tattoo, love

Vine ankle tattoo- I've always loved ankle tattoos that go down on the top of the foot.