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The flag of Spain consists of three horizontal stripes with red on top and bottom, yellow in the center. The coat of arms of Spain, featuring the Royal Crown, positioned left of center on the gold band.

The flag of El Salvador was officially adopted on May 17, 1912. The blue and white are the original colors used by the United Provinces of Central America after they gained their independence from Spain in 1823. The centered emblem is surrounded by the 5 flags of the those United Provinces.

I spent 6 weeks in El Salvador last spring doing international development work and speaking Spanish. I'm passionate about development and living a life as a conscious, compassionate citizen of the world.

Trinidad And Tobago

(TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO) officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is an island country off the northern edge of South America

Este es la identidad corporativa de la tienda sobre la que voy a diseñar los pictogramas.

El Corte Ingles logo image: El Corte Inglés S. is the biggest department store group in Europe.

Rey Juan Carlos I de España

Su Majestad el Rey Don Juan Carlos I - On November he was proclaimed King of Spain. In his first speech to the people of Spain he told them that he wished to restore democracy

the flag. On the Guatemala flag the Blue on each side of the flag show Guatemala’s location between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. White is the traditional color of peace to them! In the center of the flag is their national bird the Resplendent Quetzal. In the birds claw is a scroll with the date of Central American independence from Spain, December 15, 1821.

Guatemalan flag:The two sky blue stripes represent the fact that Guatemala is a land located between two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean sea); and the sky over the country . The white color signifies peace and purity.