baby mop... priceless. DANIELLE!!!! Get Bean one of these!!!!!!!!

Point Made.

haha made me laugh out loud...had to pin!

baby, baby, baby, baby baby, baby, baby, baby

I've learned to contain myself.


A child forever...

As he cradled the baby, Ted, in his arms, the newborn decided the shoot was the perfect opportunity to poo on his father's arm.

Funny Baby Videos!

Baby sleep positions --This is so us!! lol, sad but true! they may be cute but they sure are bed hogs.

haha priceless!


Laundry traditional laundry room

funny kid names... WHY HAVE I NOT THOUGHT THIS? maybe because i never want kids, but if i do... :)

i dont always lounge in a basket but when i do i wear a hea - Basket Baby

Top 49 Most Funny Babies Pictures | Just laughs fun and humor. - haha this one is so me

So funny ha

Here's A Video Of Two Men Experiencing Labor Contractions

Poor lil girl!!