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  • Cheri Richardson

    Save money and make your own diy wooden soap molds for your handmade soap projects! Homemade soap wedding gifts.

  • Hulda McClure

    Save money and make your own diy wooden soap molds for your handmade soap #diy gifts #hand made

  • Ashley Maude-Lecholat

    How to Make Your Own DIY Wooden Soapmaking Mold for Cold Process Soap - Soap Making - Homemade Soap Making - Zimbio

  • Julie Calcote

    Use PVC pipe and 2 caps for homemade soap mold.

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Ok I'm posting this to ask a question: does making your own bulk handsoap only work with cheaper bar soaps like dove, etc? Can you use those handmade, natural soap bars and it still work and make a lot?

Homemade body wash. 1 bar of Castile soap.(can use other brands) Grate soap. Add to 12 cups water and simmer on stove until dissolved. Add 2 tbs glycerine. Take off heat and let sit for about 10 hours until thickens and cools. Can add 3 tsp of essential oils at this point if desired for fragrance. Makes about 3 qts. If adding essential oils, use aromatherapy, candle or food grade oils.

Homemade Liquid Soap. Just combine 1 gal. Water, 2 T. Liquid glycerin ( find in pharmacy) and 1 bar of a good quality, natural soap; grated. (Don't use soaps with additives like moisturizers, etc such as Dove-they won't work) Heat over med/high heat until dissolved. Cool 12 hours. Mix with hand mixer to make a smooth consistency. Voila! Hand soap/body wash at a fraction of store cost.

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