Amazing chart that shows you how to make any color frosting using a standard red, yellow and blue box of dye and home made or store bought frosting.

Natural food dye--India Tree color chart

༺༺༺♥Elles♥Heart♥Loves♥༺༺༺ ...........♥Art Color Charts♥........... #Color #Chart #ColorChart #Inspiration #Design #Moodboard #Paint #Palette #Decorate #Art #Renovate ~ ♥Use this color-by-number guide to make different frosting shades.

Frosting tips - how to design use

Frosting tips chart

page two frosting colors

all about food coloring | The Decorated Cookie - for Americolor food coloring!

How to get buttercream frosting as smooth as fondant. Never would have thought of this, and it tastes so much better than fondant...for joann

The secret to perfectly drizzled chocolate - this is genius! I need to remember this

Combinación de colores

How to frost cupcakes

Seven-Minute Frosting Recipe

Easy Marshmallow Fondant. Very fun and and lighter then regular fondant.

Creamsicle fudge -- amazingly good fudge

Delicious healthy fruit salad recipe idea with so many skin benefiting ingredients, your taste buds will thank you! #eucerinskinfirst #skinfirst #skinsavers #healthyskin

They’re regular cupcakes, iced with regular icing and the mum petals are just marshmallows! Just cut mini marshmallows diagonally and put them in a container or Ziploc bag of colored sugar and shake them up. The sugar only sticks to the cut sides. We found that if you let them sit for a little while, they poof back up to a nicer shape after being squished when you cut them. Arrange the marshmallow halves in a circular pattern starting from the outer edge and working your way in.

Tie dye waffles. Whoa.

55 Frosting Recipes at …So many new, fun and exciting ways to change up frosting!

Adorable Cherry-Vanilla Layer Cake