Native American/ Bohemian (Have to have a head dress of some type...feathers maybe?)

if i could walk out the front door in this i totally would...like seriously, face paint and all.

#bohemian ☮k☮ #boho

Headband/hatband // feather, leather, tribal, festival, hippie, bohemian, Native American style, boho, phish wedding, fairy

wild girl....i want to go to a musical festival so i can wear a feather headdress

Indian summer

Indian princess

≫∙∙boho, feathers + gypsy spirit∙∙≪

Pocahontas Warrior #Boots | #bohemian #boho #hippie #gypsy

The things I would do to make wearing a headdress regularly socially acceptable...


Feather tiara Headpiece

Feathers! more Feathers!

Indian Turquoise Feather Headdress with turquoise yarn (inspiration for tattoo)

≫∙∙ boho, feathers + gypsy spirit ∙∙≪

Spell and the Gypsy Collective_Boho Blossom maxi dress_Lavender__9309

Crystal crown WOW!! - I guess this is the type of head dress which one either loves or hates!!)- FOR THE RIGHT OCCASION I THINK IT IS SIMPLY PERFECT!!

❂ Island Boho ❂

Blackbird- Novella Royale |