• Susan Farmer

    16th century from the purplenfiles.com I love the pattern! notice the back -- it's *NOT* the Fashion Fabric (tm)

  • Constanza de Mendoza

    circa 1550, Florence, Italy. 'Everyday dress' of a wool/linen weave in a white and green diamond pattern.

  • ann gillespie

    extant wool dress

  • Jean Krevor

    Kat's Florence Files - Research and recreation of 16thC Florence

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The kirtle was a garment that supported the bust and created the correct silhouette for the period. - This is a great simple design for a peasant or artisan level citizen in Tudor England! Maybe I could make it out of brown or drab blue-grey? or perhaps a brownish-berry color

An Outfit in the Style of the Venetian Mainland, 1590, based on Cesare Vecellio’s 'Peasant Women in the Region Surrounding Venice', created by Morgan Donner

A very nice blog with 16th c plain clothes

Renaissance italian peasant style. So colorful!

Flemish dress thoughts based on Peasant Wedding image by Martin Van Cleve. -- very useful post on clothing and even hair from 1550-75!!

BLOG POST: Putting together a wardrobe using the Flemish gown. With just 10 items (not including chemises), she will have over 30 outfits. The post before has info on the Flemish gown and making it. This idea can be used for every period.



Italian working class

Selection of Tudor and medieval implements used for personal hygiene and dated between 1200s-1500s. Although medieval doctors were uncertain whether bathing was good for you ('in time of pestilence avoid baths'), objects such as these metal toothpicks, tweezers, earscoops, shears, scissors and razor show that medieval and Tudor Londoners cared about personal grooming.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Haymaking - detail (1565)

Tudor Dress: A portfolio of images

[Kimiko Small's Creative Accounts, Research & More] [(known as Lady Joan Silvertoppe in the Society for Creative Anachronism)]

16th century German kampfrau

Detachable Sleeves

16th cen. French Peasant 2006 by *icklesevvy on deviantART

Flemish Dress by ~healormor on deviantART

1540s Merchant by *icklesevvy on deviantART

16th Century Flemish V1 Front by *icklesevvy on deviantART

16th Century Manuscript Illustration

16th Century

Linen smock with silk and metal thread embroidery. And awesome closeup of the gusset layout.

Trousers Date: 16th century Culture: Italian Medium: linen, silk and metal thread

Undershirt Date: 16th century Culture: Italian Medium: linen, silk and metal thread Dimensions: Length at CB: 53 in. (134.6 cm)

How to make an easy Italian chemise