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"Near the city of Morondava, on the West coast of Madagascar lies an ancient forest of Baobab trees. Unique to Madagascar, the endemic species is sacred to the Malagasy people, and rightly so. Walking amongst these giants is like nothing else on this planet. Some of the trees here are over a thousand years old. It is a spiritual place, almost magical." By Ken Thorne/National Geographic

Green -- When I think of green, I don't just think of the concept of "being" green, I think of why many make the effort to "be" green: To keep places like this around, and thriving.


Largest cave in the world…

Largest cave in the world. This place looks amazing!

Redwood by Nick Nichols and National Geographic: 1,600 year old redwood captured by stitching 84 photos taken by three cameras on a robotized rig. #Redwood #Photography #Nick_Nichols #nationalgeographic #thisiscolossal

3200 year-old tree in California's Sierra Nevada. Look at the tiny people in it for scale.

Fall reflection. this is one of my favorite things- tosee the fall colors reflected in the water. DM