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Coconut Oil!!!

Ground Clove Powder. Great to stop a toothache pain, mouth sores, abscess relief & to heal.Sprinkle on a wet cotton ball & left next to tooth,or add to toothbrush & toothpaste before brushing. Or make DIY toothpowder with ground cloves... Make a tooth powder with 1/2 cup baking soda, 1 to 2 TBS bentonite clay, 1 TBS of clove powder (yes just ground cloves the spice) & peppermint & tea tree essential oils ... Optional add raw coconut oil to make a toothpaste more info by clicking picture

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Make your own SPF with Coconut Oil: Did you know that there are studies showing that using chemical based SPF on your skin increases your risk of getting skin cancer more than sun exposure!? .. Coconut Oil is the most logical oil to use for SPF, since it naturally protects your skin from the sun!

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Coconut Oil

DIY: Calendula Coconut Cream Tutorial...Calendula is so healing, this is great on rashes, inflamation, ouchies, tons of uses!