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Miss Piggy and a special Star Wars Gamorrean Guard have a little relationship budding behind the scenes. Hilarious mash up Illustration by LoopyDave. A Fine Romance by LoopyDave.


Chewie Shot First!

The truth about Stormtroopers

The truth about Stormtroopers

Funny pictures about Why Stormtroopers Always Miss In The Old Movies. Oh, and cool pics about Why Stormtroopers Always Miss In The Old Movies. Also, Why Stormtroopers Always Miss In The Old Movies photos.

Trek Wars: "Shields up!  Fire photon torpedoes!" / "[They will] witness the power of this fully operational battle station!"

Funny pictures about Star Trek Wars. Oh, and cool pics about Star Trek Wars. Also, Star Trek Wars photos.

Togruta-species Jedi in the Art Nouveau style

This started out with the intention of being a fully-rendered graphite portrait of Ahsoka in a starship corridor. Then I realized that it was too plain. STAR WARS: Ahsoka Tano n' Shaak Ti

Muppets star wars

The Force is Strong with The Muppets at Disney Parks

Muppet Star Wars Action Figures via Ballisty Whitten

Episode Vll

Artist and Star Wars fan Adam Schickling has created a great Star Wars: Episode VII poster that shows well-known characters from the original trilogy—including Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker—looking considerably older since the first trilogy

Star wars meets winnie the pooh prints!! Must have for a star wars nursery!!!

Star wars meets Winnie the pooh prints! Must have for a nursery! Thinking a Vintage Pooh for a boy theme nursery.

Star wars christmas

Caroling with Yoda

Nobody liked Christmas Caroling with Yoda. *make this card for hubby @ christmas*


For my nephew Christian: Chewie & Han - Calvin & Hobbes Revisited

Star Wars characters in sun glasses (illustrations) and in stained glass by Tom Brodie Brown http://geektyrant.com/news/2012/10/27/beautiful-star-wars-stained-glass.html #Art #StarWars

Stained Glass Lord Vader Created by Tom Brodie-Browne Prints available at

Star Wars Action Figures 70s / 80s Kenner Boba by halfpintsalvage, $75.00 Robyn would love these!

Vintage Star Wars Figures - Boba Fett and the bounty hunters. From the original Kenner / toy collection.

*This is from a hilarious British TV show David Tenant hosted called "Never Mind the Buzzcocks". (It's A  British slang word btw) You can see the full clip on YouTube by searching either that title, or David Tenant then scrolling through tons of results :D if you're a Dr who or David Tenant fan it's worth the look :) BTW I get new people re-pinning this one pin nearly every day. My notifications panel says 48+ people pinned it :D cool

David Tennant tells a Knock Knock joke. David Tennant tells a Knock Knock joke when hosting a Dr. Who themed "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" episode. Cathe dr who David Tennant buzzcocks knock knock Never Mind the B Wilfred Mott

Hands up if you love Star Wars! (All the characters who have lost hands/arms in the first Star Wars trilogy)

This could have continued with "this one has a little scar" (Anakin from end of Ep. 3) "this one has a big Death Star, say, what a lot of Siths there are!"

one sith,two sith,red sith,blue sith. By George Lucas =============================== i love that two sith and one sith is a bit funny ☻

Darth Vader spinning Pink Floyd's "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON". #vnylst #vinylrecords #vinyl

Funny pictures about The best side of the moon. Oh, and cool pics about The best side of the moon. Also, The best side of the moon.