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Цой жив

авто... гараж... мастерская...

Металлические стеллажи для гаража - купить, замеры, доставка, монтаж. Металлические полки в гараж

ДАЧА - ХОЗ.БЛОК или ГАРАЖ **Держатели из пластиковых труб.

Quick and Clever Workshop Storage Solutions

String Dispensers Here’s a great way to reuse empty CD/DVD containers. Drill a hole in the top for the string to slide through, then screw the lid under a shelf and snap on the string-loaded container. Pull down and snip off the desired length and never worry that your ball of string will roll away across the floor dragging its tail behind it!

В гостях у Самоделкина

Печь Булерьян своими руками

This was my second home made anvil. It seemed like a good idea but the overall weight was to low and I never really used it much.