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Bon Appettite 2 ... Whimsical driftwood and recycled steel fish art

Whimsical driftwood and recycled steel fish by SwimminwitdaFishes. $135.00 USD, via Etsy.

Gold and Feldspar Fish Amulet Egypt c.1900-1800 BC 12th Dynasty Fish amulet representing the ‘tilapia’ or ‘bolti’ fish, called ‘nekhau’ in Egyptian. Made from sheet gold with green feldspar inlay. Has a ring at it’s nose to be hung by. Used as a charm against drowning by children. Fish amulets were often placed at the end of a plait on young children and young women. Also a symbol regeneration. Source: British Museum

In Japan, Children's Day is heralded by the appearance of flying fish known as Koinobori. Make a carp-shaped windsock to fly in the breeze outside your home!

Fishes Linocut - Printmaking, Original Print - Blue Art, Hand Pulled Print