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Mulan as a Kyoshi warrior

Avatar Mulan: Artist Robby Cook creatively merged Disney princesses with characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Here's Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors. Illustration by Robby Cook

The Walking Disney: Your Favorite Disney Characters As Survivors On ‘The Walking Dead’ Ariel/Eric

Historically accurate Disney costumes...They came pretty close! Who always speaks her mind by shoomlah

Historical Mulan: Artist Claire Hummel dressed her Disney princesses in historically accurate costumes. Illustration by Claire Hummel

Disney Princesses As "Avatar: The Last Airbender" & "The Legend of Korra" Characters

Disney Princesses As "Airbender" & "Legend of Korra" Characters

Artist Robby Cook creatively merged Disney princesses with characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Here's Belle as a librarian. Illustration by Robby Cook


Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors. Because after all, Rapunzel did get her powers from the sun. And she has the fire of a fire bender. In the backgro. Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors

Jasmine as Chun-Li

What Would the Disney Princesses Be For Halloween? This Artist Puts Them in Costumes

Carbonite Frozen Aurora

If Disney Princesses Were Star Wars Characters, This Is How Awesome They'd Look


Princesas Disney Elementais

Disney Elementals: Belle, Ariel, Mulan, Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White by CeruleanRaven on deviantART

Now that is a Princess

Since Disney bought out Lucasfilm and Star Wars is now owned by Disney. how about Princess Leia as the newest Disney Princess?

The internet seems to have an endless supply of Disney fan art for people to enjoy, and Disney princesses are more popular than ever. We’ve definitely posted our fair share of this kind of art over the years, and today we bring you some more. This series features several female Disney characters inc

Female Disney Characters Get a SAILOR MOON Makeover

Zombie Princesses - Ariel

An assortment of Disney Princesses fantastically re-imagined as zombies by Clocktowerman. Zombie Princess: The Little Mermaid Zombie Princess: Snow


my version of Disney's Mulan in a traditional hanfu.

Sci-Fi Royal Cartoons - The Star Wars Disney Princess Project Turns Them into Jedis and Siths (GALLERY)

Sci-Fi Royal Cartoons

The Little Mermaid- Disney Star War Princesses: Jedi Ariel by Ralph Sevelius