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Holiday Hat

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Holiday 1952

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Young Holiday

Beautiful Billie

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Holiday Beautiful

Lady dons a dramatic hat.

Armstrong 1901

Louie Armstrong

Armstrong Satchmo

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General Armstrong

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Player Armstrong

Armstrong Photos

Louis Armstrong. Armstrong's influence extends well beyond jazz music, and by the end of his career in the 1960s, he was widely regarded as a profound influence on popular music in general. Armstrong was one of the first truly popular African-American entertainers to "cross over," whose skin-color was secondary to his music in an America that was severely racially divided.

Cutting Johnny

Elvis Cutting

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Helping Johnny

Elvis Helping

Barbershop Classics

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Elvis helping Johnny Cash with his hair

Pretty Things & Cool Stufffrom Pretty Things & Cool Stuff

Billie Holiday - Lady in Satin CD

Satin Cd

Satin Album

Satin Vinyl

Lady Satin

Satin 1958

Cd Billie

Satin Billie

Billie Lady Day

Singer Billie

Billie Holiday "Lady in Satin" with Ray Ellis & His Orchestra. One of the great vocal performances captured on record. While this is far from Lady Day at her finest it is a record of vocal art at its peak, an interpretation of pop standards of the day through a life lens. A mythic recording that more than lives up to the lore that surrounds it.

Punk Musician

Musician Poet

David Gahr

Kids Rock

Smith Photographed

Chelsea Hotel

Patty Smith

Patti D'Arbanville

Sexy Girl

Patti Smith photographed by David Gahr.

Holiday Beautiful

Beautiful Billie

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Beautiful Women

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Beautiful Blues

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Holiday Lady

Billie Holiday

Bob Dylan Hat

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Bob Dylan | Bob Dylan

Beatles John Paul Ringo George

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Winston Lennon

John Lennon stands in front of his artwork. #Beatlemania

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Nat King Cole

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Holiday 1939

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Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

Straight Singing

Hate Straight

1959 American

African American

Songwriter Nicknamed

Nicknamed Lady

1915 1959

Holiday 1915

Esther Rolle

Billie Holiday

Orleans 1947

New Orleans

Orleans Hazz

Holiday Louis

Armstrong Billie

Armstrong Holiday

Armstrong 1940S

Armstrong Amp

Armstrong Singing

Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, 1940s

Billie Holliday

July 17

April 7

April 1915

Born April

Ladies Day

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Billie Holiday

Amy Rip

Amy Amy Amy

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Rehab Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse.

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December 1957

City December

1915 July

April 7

July 17

Billie Holiday

Charles 1968

Ray Charles

Charles Photo

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Aretha Ray

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Franklin Ray

Franklin Tells

Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles, 1968

Beautiful Soulful

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She'S Gorgeous

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Tracy Chapman

Billie Holiday Art

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Strange Fruit Billie Holiday

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Celeb Singer

LADY SINGS THE BLUES (BILLIE HOLIDAY) Colorized image from an original black & white portrait first published in Down Beat magazine, February 1947 Follow us on Tumblr  Pinterest  Facebook  Twitter

November 1958

London November

Olympia November

Holiday November

Sunday April

Olympia London

Holiday 1958

Holiday London

Holiday Lady

Billie Holiday, London, November 1958

Photography People

White Photography

Jack Mitchell

Ono 1980

Johnlennon Thebeatles

Yoko John

Yoko Ono And John Lennon

John Lennon Peace

Yoko Lennon

John Lennon - Yoko Ono

Travelodge Motel

Hendrix Travelodge

Motel San

Hendrix 1942

Hendrix Walking

Peace Hendrix

Hendrix Belly

Hendrix Can'T

Hendrix Story

Jimi Hendrix...One of the best guitar players that ever lived...His sound was irreplacable in the music world...Gone too soon...