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Big Mama Thornton and The Muddy Waters Blues Band

I interrupt my endless postings of women in the 20's and 60's to bring you - this badass old pic of Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf

John Lennon recording Imagine at home in Tittenhurst, Ascot. 21 June, 1971.

Too cute! If someone finds this for Zac I will be eternally grateful and you will jump 10 points on my BF list.

When I hear this song or see the lyrics all I can think about is Mrs. Doubtfire!!

Billie Holiday by Roy DeCarava in the Photographs Dept.

Paul isn't dead... Don't believe what you've heard. He's just old. <-- I went to his concert in Seattle last year. it was SO great!!!!

Mom, you're just jealous- it's the Beastie Gigi643