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Curly Hair Problems... Yep. Okay this is the most accurate post that is related to me ever

I'm not a procrastinator. I'm just extremely productive at unimportant things.

all too true. except replace "internet" with "pinterest"

I would like to think I can be spontaneous, but mostly it makes me really uncomfortable. Planning all the way.

SO TRUE!!! I dont see double, triple, quadruple without my glasses. everythings just BLURRY!!!!!

lmfao Ellen Profitt .. I've heard you say you won't do dishes without gloves so I'm SURE this applies to you too

Busted out laughing at how true this is!!!! hahaha..... SOOOOOO me...... sooooooo true.....

Friday’s Funny Pictures – 92 Pics

When I read this I thought it meant actually type the word nonsense!