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#Learning to Drive 5 Day #Intensive Driving Course in East London is spread over 5 days and is #recommended for learners with 25 to 30 hours of previous driving #experience.

Something everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime would be a marijuana vaporizer, which allows you to smoke without reaching combustion. It is a unique experience for anyone that first tries it. Visit our link for more information about it. #Bestvaporizerformarijuana

Oliver Loving's grave, Weatherford, Texas. When he was mortally wounded by Indians while on a cattle drive in New Mexico, his last request was to be brought back to Weatherford and buried. His friend Charles Goodnight transported his body 600 miles by wagon, which became the inspiration for Lonesome Dove.

Turn Your Classroom Into A Time Machine [Infographic]
from HKDC

Turn Your Classroom Into A Time Machine [Infographic]

History/Geography/Civics&Gov/Economics: Using YouTube in your social studies class is a good way to engage your students. You are able to show clips of historical speeches, places, people, etc. I would try to use at least one video everyday in my classes.

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European Itineraries: 3 week self-drive tour of Italy

Plan the perfect Italian road trip with this 3 week self-drive itinerary that visits some of Italy's most popular destinations.

For all the people who always ask “ummm… Can Deaf people drive!?” I still get that question every now and then... really, people??

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4 Easy Ways to Target Receptive Vocabulary Skills with Interactive Books

4 Easy Ways to Target Receptive Vocabulary with Interactive Books from Autism Classroom Resources


Your Kids Are Not Broken

Your Kids Are Not Broken | The Inside Track - Understood They’re not defective. Their minds are not trying, but failing, to work like “normal” minds. Their minds learn and work differently because they’re supposed to work and learn differently.

3 cool things to do this weekend and next week: Nature programs, hike, Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars & Christmas - Entertainment

I know, many of you might not be one of the lucky people to be born in a family where education was pervasive. Or practical reasons, like the cost of higher education tuition that has been increasing at almost twice the rate in the past couple of years, make education unaffordable for others. The good news, you can still afford a learning experience. But, you need drive, natural talent, sheer luck, and hard work to help you overcome your lack of education. There’s nothing wrong with that…