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  • Françoise Wackenhut

    Weightloss. That could be me, but I do not own a gun.

  • Diane Pitasi Malik

    follow us! we have hundreds of hilarious pics! :) good thing i dont own a gun

  • Wanda Boothe

    Funny Stuff!

  • Jackie Nelson Brown

    Some days I feel this way. Live laugh love. Join our closed support group on FB I can will shall reach my goals. Follow Jackie Nelson Brown always posting inspirational, motivational stuff. Look for me as browninkus on most Social Media sites. Order Skinny Fiber at in #Jax_Fl and #Philly PA get it today have some on hand. 1 for $65 3 for $130 and 6 for $188 each bottle is 1 month supply. Made in USA ships internationally #loseweight# #wah #skinnyfiber #weightloss

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I don't care how many bags it is, I'm carrying it in one trip.

LMAO! Kate Moss is my favorite, but this is hilar-balls.

Sorry for the language but this is my favorite part!! :) lol

In alcohol's defense I've also done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too, like get married the second time.

I'll do anything not to make to trips to the car....

All creds go to the artist. Please follow the provided link to see their work! Guilt trip the next person to visit the loo? I think so...

I know they are tv whores, but they are still human. Its sad to see someone want love so badly that they make an epic mistake. Live, love, learn.. move on. <--sad but true girl!

The sad feeling you get when trying on bathing suits

I'd do anything to lose 10lbs, except eat healthy and work out.

..and God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world..then he made the Earth round...and he laughed and laughed...

All my friends are pinning weddings and babies... and I'm over here pinning tattoos and weird shit that makes me giggle.