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A praying mantis appears to be pedaling a bicycle in this amusing photo taken by amateur photographer, Eco Suparman, a university student from Borneo, Indonesia. He came across the mantis on a fern in a cemetery in the Ambawang River Village.

Madagascar Wildlife Holiday - is it on your bucket list? Read our blog here. http://www.ganeandmarshall.com/blog/madagascar-wildlife-holiday/

Ringed-tailed Lemur in Madagascar has demonstrated distinct facial expressions including a threat stare, pulled back lips for submission, and pulled back ears along with flared nostrils during scent-marking.

곰 사진

Hope for Our Future Photo and caption by Daniel Soderstrom I captured my daughter’s sense of awe and amazement seeing this magnificent polar bear. It is my hope that this curiosity and love of our.

Diertje uit Madagaskar

Highly Caffeinated by Ashley Vincent, via "The subject you see here is one of two Sportive Lemurs I was fortunate enough to come across and photograph while walking through a spiny tree forest in Southeastern Madagascar last year.

We need to get animals their copy rights, stat.

I Like To Move It Move It!

Larry The Lemur grabs the camera to take a selfie. Sure, happens all the time!

oh gosh....poor kitty

Cat lovers have come up with some really inventive and silly costumes for their four legged friends. From a cat that looks like a lobster in a pot, to a scuba diving feline, these pets are put into t…

The Levitating Lamb

"levitating lamb" by roeselien raimond such a great picture of shear JOY! reminder of how precious all these wondrous dear creatures are & how much they "feel" in their hearts! we must honor, respect, & treasure them all!

That face... lol

That face... lol