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Fire and life (full)

2448x1080 px Awesome warrior pic by Talbot Leapman for  - pocketfullofgrace.com

Just took down a colossal robotic mothafucker, and feeling badass about it. // "Backup Power" by mandryk

Every change agent needs an agency. We've chosen 60 notable members of the League of Extraordinary Women and the organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, that are their vehicle to tackle areas of dire need, such as developing the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

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Fast Company has a cool video series called "The 30 Second MBA". In this video Adam Pisoni of Yammer talks about the fear around sharing ideas in the workplace.

Trubina Natalya: Still Life with Cat and Lamps

Trubina Natalya: Still Life with Cat and Lamps Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Such wonderful atmosphere in this painting by Elaine Jones. https://www.elainejonesgallery.com/

Elaine Jones is a contemporary fine artist who's large oil paintings are indirectly influenced by her travels.

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london 2012 olympic posters

London Olympics 2012

london 2012 olympic posters


Live streaming video of Pagosa Springs Colorado downtown from the top of the Jim Smith Realty office.

WordPress Google SEO Cloud Hosting Social Media

WordPress Google SEO Cloud Hosting Social Media

Rethinking Reverse Mortgage

Rethinking Reverse Mortgages, Part 2: Pitfalls and Dangers

Rethinking Reverse Mortgages, Part 2

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