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Seven Incredible Steampunk Motorcycles."

"Seven Incredible Steampunk Motorcycles." my husband will faint when he sees this.

Steampunk Motorcycle: The Gyrostator

Here is one of the new designs by Kevin Mowrer, just completed in the ongoing Frahnknsthyne development. A "Gyrostator" is described as a steam driven motorcycle with a locomotive drive.


i like how this helmet refers to war and its use of a gas mask at the bottom which is split into two vents

"The Red Max" created by Dr D M Southall, aug 2006

emporioefikz: “ “The Red Max” created by Dr D M Southall, aug 2006 ” Time to go for a spin?

Steampunk Wings Tutorial by Yazzzle.deviantart.com

How to realize basic Steampunk wings. Tutorial by Yazzzle. See it also on deviantART.

Steampunk Snail Car

Snail Vehicle - Steampunk: Future Past - Metalsmith Magazine,

R2D2 if he was in the ‘steamship’ era

From steampunk jewelry to an arcade game and a toilet, real-life inventions where the future meets the past.

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland! Whooo are youuuu? OMG! A clockwork Alice?!

Steampunk Alice - 'Alice's Adventures in Steamland' Guilaume Dubois, steampunk caterpillar.how kewl is THAT?