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Fruit Pancakes (low calorie, delicious flavor)

Workout Row Flip Fail.gif LMFAO!!!!!

Use our healthy food finder and discover some new nutritious foods to add to your diet. You can use the tool to sort and filter foods based on different criteria. Give it a try!

I LOVE the shape of this garden. I'm going to try to work with this template to plan the garden.

Nice garden layout. podcast details on minute 40-45 list his mineral link and what to do with your soil to produce better fruit/veg.

Blue star creeper is a tough ground cover that's an excellent choice for a parking strip.

Rocky Mountain Gaited Horse & the most sought after color of this breed. Chocolate Palomino

How to build a raised dog bed. Easy and cheap.. Throw a blanket on top for all that nest building. Easier to keep clean than those stuffed beds

If your dog is an escape artist and you need to keep your dog from tunneling under the fence, you may need to install an underground barrier made of re-bar, chickenwire, or poured concrete. Here, a fence underlined with boards keeps these dogs from tunneling under the fence.

Great Groundcovers! • Tips and ground cover picks!

dog friendly backyards | hardscape-resized.jpg

Mini Fridges, Personalized Water Bottles & Mini Refrigerators | PBteen

Patriotic Dresser – Ikea Rast Hack - Sweet Pea

Blomus Gentleman's Business Card Case with Top

Valet Stand - I love these!..Latest Trends in Men's Fashion - the best trends in men's fashion. Chic Designer Clothing, LUXURY LIFESTYLE


After all our wars, nature wins — Trees growing through and around old guns, helmets, and more

Love this vest coat & gloves combo

Captain Pea Coat- I generally don't like posting pictures of menswear without the name of the designer. I've seen these jackets and this mannequin before. Can anyone tell me who this designer is?

Winter apparel

Seriously dude. It's starting to get annoying.

Home is where your Xbox is