Rock Candy. Easiest thing ever.

blue rock candy (BREAKING BAD inspired) - The Cookie Rookie

Make Your Own Rock Candy

I will probably never make these, but you need to go to this web-site and see the directions for these. It actually sounds fairly easy, but looks divine! Think wedding-------

Jell-O oranges!

Soft Rainbow Bread - what a surprise this would make in a kids lunch box!

SPARKLING CARROT CUPCAKES – A DIY TUTORIALINGREDIENTS:– Ice Cream Cones (12) – Chocolate Cake Batter (made from mix or from scratch) – Buttercream Icing (store bought or homemade) – Orange Candy Melts (2 packs) – Orange Sprinkles (2 jars) – Green Edible Candy GrassSTEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS:

Homemade gumdrops - Bakerella.

Old Fashioned Hard Candy

Use for Little Mermaid reefs---Lime Rock Candy Sugar Stick

My grandmother showed me how to make these many moons ago...they are to die for...and so easy!!!! Southern Apple Dumplings Recipe

Frozen Yogurt Dots - Toddler Snack

how to make candy! <3

Rock Candy Champagne Cocktail

Christmas Tree Cupcakes or for gingerbread homes!.

Such a great idea!! Bag o' lemonade - perfect for the beach! Freeze it first and take to beach/pool and squeeze to make it slushy.

Pinata Cookies = cooolest thing EVER!!

chocolate garnishes - easy and impressive. Such a fun idea! <3

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Sex in a Pan - OMG - this looks so good. Cant wait to make this for one of the many Christmas parties this year. #dessert #recipes #treat #food #recipe