Hardy as Bane climbed atop the Batmobile to rally a throng of escaped prisoners — and then promptly crumpled. The actor, who packed on 30 pounds of muscle for the film, had fainted in the sweltering summer heat. “I was wearing that big long gray coat and my body armor,” he told The News at Monday’s world premiere of the epic finale of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. “Not that dissimilar to today’s weather. Anyway, I passed out. I was unconscious for most of the afternoon.”

I want to marry him.

Tom Hardy

LOL...I'll hug you, Bane.

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One of the sexiest men ever

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Reasons to love Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

Tom Hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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35 Pictures Of Tom Hardy For 35 Hardy Years

I love me some suits porn first thing in the morning.

Tom Hardy, The Dark Knight Rises .."That's Batman!"

Sometimes Batman and Bane just hang out on a couch and grow their beards… This picture is beautiful beyond belief.

Tom Hardy Tom Softy

I so want to lick his lips!

Can I have him?? Please!!

Forrest Bondurant. Survives a flu as a baby that kills everyone in his family but him, gets his head almost cut off because his throat is cut so deep, and gets shot multiple times at close range, yet still lives.