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yes its a cake and this is what Duka wants to leave for santa this could I not pin this???

birt Andie Morales I wish I would have seen this when Kate turned 1...and if you had your cake decorating talents back then. I'll have to do it some other time! hday cake decorated with frosted ice-cream conesMG.

my mom made these every year for halloween and i plan to continue the tradition.

color inspiration, but it's also ice cream season :) ... coral and blue and cream (and sprinkles!)

This would make a cute poster, but the frame chosen for this photograph would certainly complete the look. It would have to be a frame that gives the image a sweet charm without taking away from the picture.

Birthday Party Ice Cream Cone made these for my little sisters birthday once Cupcake Recipe: Make the cake batter according to the package directions. When the cake batter is ready, pour 1/4 cup to 2/3 cup of cake batter into each ice cream cone. Once done, place the cones standing up in a muffin pan. Bake for about 20 minutes. Let cool.

Banana Cream Pie-sicles 8 Graham Crackers 4 T. Butter Instant Banana Pudding Instant Vanilla Pudding Disposable paper cups Popsicle sticks Sliced fruit (optional

cheesecake cones! piped cheesecake into cones with ends dipped in white choc & sprinkles - easy and cute!

made this last July with Miss Anna as part of her birthday adventure. The ice cream was delicious and creamy and the cookies were light and easy to make. Big hit with grownups and kids. Nice alternative from chocolate treats.

This one is worth screaming from the rooftops. YOU CAN MAKE ICE CREAM CONES WITH YOUR PANINI MAKER! Easily! With no special ingredients! And they’re good!