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The chart below shows which screw and setting you should choose based on your material thickness. By choosing the correct Kreg screw and Kreg Jig setting, you will drill perfect pocket holes every time, ensuring project success.

Take a look inside 16 different Kreg Joints™ and take note of the recommended settings.

Kreg Tool Tip: Pick the correct screw length for different material thicknesses. You can always test your screw length by driving a screw into a pocket hole in one piece without the mating piece in place yet. That way, you can see just how far the screw will extend into the mating piece. If you’re driving screws through thin stock into thicker stock, you can probably use a slightly longer screw than what’s recommended. If you’re going from thick to thin, choose a shorter screw.

Kreg pocket-hole screws are available in coarse-thread and fine-thread. Which you should choose depends on the type of wood you are using. Pictured above is a quick guide.

Tuesday Tool Tip: How do I know which type of Kreg screw to use when joining 1/2"-thick material? // Yesterday we had a customer express confusion regarding our screw chart. He didn't know whether to use 3/4" or 1" Kreg screws when working with 1/2"-thick material. So, we've created a Tool Tip that explains the difference: If you're joining 1/2"-thick material to 1/2"-thick material, use a 3/4" screw. If you're joining 1/2"-thick material to material that is thicker than 1/2", use a 1" screw.

Use the right pocket hole screw for the job. For use with my Kreg jig.

Choosing the right screw....hubby already knows most of this stuff. But in case he forgets...

Kreg Pocket-Screw Techniques

Kreg Tool Tip: Working with Different Board Thicknesses | When joining boards of two different thicknesses edge-to-edge or end-to-edge, set your Kreg Jig® according to the thickness of the thinner board. The picture shows a ½"-thick board and ¾"-thick board that were joined with pocket holes. As you can see, the Kreg Jig® was set for ½"-thick material, the thinner board. We've also included a helpful chart that shows which Kreg Jig® setting and screw length to use based on material thickness.

Kreg Jig Mini tool for drilling Pocket screw holes - used to make shelves, etc