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hub caps :) I think we've all seen them laying on the side of the road, especially on well traveled roads. Good Idea that I will have to keep in mind.

Floret's favorite pale yellow, buttercream dahlias: Formby Crest, Big Brother, Appleblossom, Bracken Palomino, Valley Tawny, Seattle, Breakout, Rock Run Ashley, Penhill Watermelon, Blyton Softer Gleam, Irish Pinwheel, Suncrest, Golden Scepter.

Floret's favorite dahlias in rust colored hues include: Intrigue, Amber Queen, Punkin Spice, Terracotta, Irish Pinwheel, Hy Suntan, Crichton Honey, Totally Tangerine, Sherwood’s Peach, Valley Tawny, Ginger Willo.

Upcycled bicycle wheel extraordinaire This Spring, Marie Wirth stunned us all with the fabulous bicycle wheel spinner she made for her garden. In fact, she