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Mike Huckabee- Shame on you for attacking women, who want contraceptives for unwanted pregnancies! Like men have nothing to do with it! Wake up and realize we ha e a right to good health care and deciding how to care for our bodies!

A man who assisted in autopsies in a big urban hospital, starting in the mid-1950s, describes the many deaths from botched abortions that he saw. “The deaths stopped overnight in 1973.” He never saw another in the 18 years before he retired. “That,” he says, “ought to tell people something about keeping abortion legal. “The Way It Was” — Mother Jones Magazine — Abortion before Roe v. Wade.

It is amazing (and scary) how successfully the Republican party has manipulated its base into voting against their own interests.

Let's teach kids how to think outside the box - NOT how to fill in circles. Absolutely True!!!

"You might ask, why all the fuss about agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? After all, regulatory agencies have approved these technologies for widespread application and consumption, so they must be safe, right? Well, the truth is that there is no agency and no industry that works to protect our health. At best, the EPA, USDA, and FDA attempt to respond to our disease after the cause is widespread."

Rev. Alan Rudnickfrom Rev. Alan Rudnick

CBS asked to cut Super Bowl ad with Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow