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G dragon ♡ #Kpop #BigBang   lol he has the top hair

『121019 じよん Alive Tour in 台湾 記者会見画像③』

G dragon. Bigbang His face says "im too cool for you" but we all know he is just a child.

cute his smile

cute his smile

me @ everyone who thinks topp dogg is "trash"

🌷 on

of cours or in the person is a knife😁!

I love this colour in his hair

GD, love his hair

oh hey good lookin(:

kpop, top and gd image on We Heart It


XD - Daesung in the Secret Garden parody by Big Bang


G-dragon bigbang look at his beautiful hair

권지용 ♡ Kwon Jiyong ♡ GD ♡ G-Dragon ♡ 지드래곤

gd my baby 😻oh jiyong 💕💗👑

tumblr_mk06wcE9Jf1s26w2io1_500.jpg 405×750픽셀

G-dragon. Love the way he dress

Lol to what Jiyong said :D #GDRAGON #BIGBANG

Big Bang làm khuấy đảo giới trẻ hiện nay…

A visual king.

Taeyang and GD. Im not areally really k-pop fan, but this guys have a lot of "FACHA" (just as we says in Argentina people who dress very well). I love this guys and all the clothes that are thrown up.----------- are u still not a KPOP fan?

Taeyang + G-dragon Paris Fashion Week?

10 Images of Tazza 2's T.O.P that will make you swoon

10 Images of Tazza 2's T.O.P that will make you swoon

This is a picture of T.O.P from the Kpop boy band Big Bang.

BIGBANG TOP... Love a man with glasses

TOP - Big Bang oh god, his arms! *sigh* I think I have a problem.<---he is freakin' beautiful! i think i have a problem too lol :D

Haha! TOP always has this look on his face. He's not angry. Its just... his face. I LOVE it!

TOP always has this look on his face. his face. Hahahaha TOP you crac me up :)