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  • Rui Ribeiro

    The Webster and Wind Model of organizational buying behavior is quite a comprehensive model. It considers four sets of variables which affect the buying-decision making process in a firm. These are environmental, organizational, buying center, and individual - Via Abey Francis

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The DSMC/ATI Performance Improvement Model is primarily a model for creating an improvement project. It has seven steps and begins with establishing a cultural environment and results in implementing a continuous cycle of improvement projects aimed at improving organizational performance.

Planning models, a brief guide to procedural theories for decision making

Effective communication is vital to all businesses. If the right message does not get to the right person, in the right format, then this could affect the overall efficiency of the business. It is vital that each part of the message is correctly chosen and in place. If not, the message may not be received or understood. It is important for a business to choose how and when it will send messages to intended receivers.

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