Glacé cherries dipped in edible glitter with cake decorating green wire stalks #party #birthday

These sparkly cherries are perfect for adding to cupcakes and cake pops! How to Make Fruit Candy Decorations

You'll see their love blossom with every delicious bite. Sweet and juicy maraschino cherries are hand-dipped in four shades of pink for a stylish ombre effect. A tasty—and trendy—treat for your sweetheart.

Edible glitter cupcakes!


Chocolate Cherry Coke Cupcakes are on my list of favorite cupcakes! Perfect idea for a party treat. Simple and easy chocolate cupcake, filled with a cherry and topped with a delicious whipped frosting!

Edible Glitter for Cupcakes/Cake Pops - Mix raw sugar and food coloring and bake 10 minutes on cookie sheet.

Make edible trees with icing for a winter or Frozen cake.

Edible glow in the dark glitter for cakes~~need this for gruesome goodies!

Banana Bread Tiramisu, in an edible chocolate shell! | From

or a simple cupcake with edible glitter on top or glitter cupcake wrapper. this would be the easiest

How to make edible glitter

I THINK I JUST DIED!!!! 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring mixed, bake10 mins in oven on 350* to make edible glitter

HOW TO: Make Edible #Glitter

Bread Rose - nothing more than rolling a piece of bread flat, cutting out the petals and fashioning into a rose. A quick toasting in the oven and you have a very nice edible garnish for dips, condiment trays, etc.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes

Edible Glitter Sugar. I don't think this one works though.

Edible glitter!!! So have to try this! I already posted another pin that is the same idea but I did it again damnit, because I can! Haha

Edible glitter!

DIY Edible Glitter Tutorial... this would be so cool for cake/cupcake decorating!