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Lilly Pulitzer showed a live feed of tweets that use the hashtag #LillyDreamJob in this email to promote a college campus recruiting program. #emailmarketing #socialmedia

Sent: 11/18/13 SL: 'At work? Don't open this email.' Best Flash Sale email I've seen, I couldn't wait to open (while at work) to see what was inside! Nice work J. Crew

Little Miss Matched used a live countdown timer to promote a 1-day flash sale. The "Shop New Arrivals" section was a live web crop of the latest inventory available online. Social media icons deep-linked to the respective apps when the email was viewed on a mobile device. #emailmarketing #countdowntimer #retail #webcrop #socialmedia

Lilly Pulitzer added real-time tweets into this email to show the conversations shoppers were having around The Endless Summer Sale, using the #lillyonlinesale hashtag.

Lilly Pulitzer included a real-time Twitter feed in this holiday email showing the latest tweets from Lilly fans using the hashtag #buymelilly.

RadioShack's 2013 #CyberMonday "24 Deals in 24 Hours" email encouraged recipients to check back each hour to see the latest deal. The featured item refreshed itself automatically in the email, and an animated countdown clock showed the time remaining until the next deal reveal. A live feed of RadioShack's tweets encouraged subscribers to tweet their guesses. #emailmarketing #retail #holidayemail #countdownclock #socialmedia

Movable Ink's 2013 holiday e-card was a real-time campaign to raise $500 for Meals on Wheels. For every "click to tweet", we donated $1 to the charity. The latest tweets appeared in the email, and a live counter showed how much money was raised to date. Recipients could check back on the email to see the updates. After we reached our $500 goal, the animated counter changed to announce we hit our goal thanks to your support. #emailmarketing #holidayemail #fundraising #socialmedia #realtime

Redbox >> sent 4/1/14 >> Some very colorful news. >> Here is an April Fools’ email done right. It’s fun, but still brand-related. It makes you start thinking about the kind of movies you like and how your mood might affect your choice—which is great, because the rest of the email presents new movies and games I can rent right now. —Andrea Smith, Design Lead, Content Marketing & Research, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

Lilly Pulitzer showed the latest tweets using #hoorayforspring in this email, and made it easy for subscribers to participate by deep-linking to Twitter with a pre-populated tweet. This campaign also used real-time geo-targeting to show a local map and address information of the nearest retail location. #emailmarketing #retail #socialmedia #realtime #geotargeting

Sent: 4/29/15 | SL: Moms to adore (next to yours, of course). | Great way for a brand to incorporate influencers to their email campaign that's relevant in this Mother's Day email from Anthropologie

The call-to-action in this holiday email from Lilly Pulitzer completely changed if the recipient opened it after Cyber Monday when the special offers had passed. #emailmarketing #holidayemail #retail #realtime

Modcloth >> sent 5/2014 >> Warning: Unattended items in your bag may be eaten by gnomes. >> This is not your average cart abandonment email. ModCloth does a great job in this email of staying true to its light-hearted and fun branding, from the subject line all the way through the body content. Plus, they avoid incentivizing cart abandons by offering a discount, and instead create urgency around sellout fears. —Ani Mkrtschjan, Senior Marketing Consultant, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing

Purina included a local five-day weather forcast in this email to alert dog owners of the best days to walk their dogs. This email also included the latest Instagram photos with #justrightpetfood, and the feed was displayed at the bottom of the email. #emailmarketing #realtime #geotargeting #countdowntimer

Lee showed the latest tweets from the brand's Twitter handle directly in this email, updated in real-time. #emailmarketing

Lilly Pulitzer's October edition of "The Monthly Juice" newsletter included two deep-linked pre-populated tweets. With a single click, recipients could prompt Twitter to open on a desktop browser, mobile browser, or mobile app if detected as installed. A tweet with a quote or the #lifesaparty hashtag was auto-populated and ready to send. #emailmarketing #socialmedia #retail #marketing

Lilly Pulitzer encouraged subscribers to shop new arrivals at their closest store by including a real-time local map in this email. #emailmarketing

This email from South Park uses a countdown clock to show the time remaining until the season premiere, and includes live tweets. When the email is opened on mobile, a new call-to-action appears at the bottom of the message promoting the South Park Sound Board App. #emailmarketing #countdownclock