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We march around the globe to lend our voices to hope, to change, and to our rights. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Share this image in support of making it known that women's rights are human rights.

Feminism is cool

urgh this makes me nauseous. I appreciate feminism is vastly diverse and one persons ideologies will differ from another's but 'this' is most definitely not what 'feminism looks like'

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•~{♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡}~• #womenshistorymonth #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment •♡• Visit us at roseandcandy.com!

Tell me again how pink can’t be a feminist colour, I dare you. One thing I’ve always hated is how people tend to associate pink with weakness, little girls or frivolous stuff, or how I’ve been told th

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Women Are Tackling Workplace Gender Equality by Starting Their Own Companies

all bodies are beautiful..don't cover up your skin or do if you want to. Do not live your life based on everyone else's expectations of you.

10 things men find unattractive in women This is a image to show that women are as normal as men. HER BODY, HER RULES


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We all have the right to party free from harassment - stop street harassment!

She's a person

Without a feminist lens, the expanding efforts to work with men and boys to promote gender justice are often patronizing and reinforce the idea that women need protection by men.

international women's day

international women's day