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If I looked at this while high; my brain would probably explode.. my girl and i gonna ball on this laterrrr

Can you find the hidden baby in this picture? The baby should pop-out at you right away but if you're stuck - here's a hint: Look at the picture as a whole.

This is a natural mountain which has a shape of a horse face, by just seeing the photograph most of the people think it is a horse face photograph but after careful study of the picture and the surroundings one can determine this optical illusion.

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tumblr_mc96ifVMIC1rbypgdo1_500.jpg (500×499)

Riju Dasgupta, What is interesting with above illusion, is that it holds few hidden meanings. Not only does the beautiful naked woman in it, participates in a bigger, older women’s profile, there is also a hidden face in it, and one more thing I found… Can you see it? This is probably a reference to life and how it passes us in a blink of an eye. This motive is very often found in art, specially illusions – like Young Woman or an Old Hag, and Old Couple