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Ted Nugent pleads guilty to bear kill

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  • Julie Goldman

    Ted Nugent, the controversial rocker-turned-gun rights advocate, is quite the fan of violent rhetoric, as was evident again this week during an interview on the NRA News program "Cam & Co." Throughout the course of an interview loosely focused on the latest Congressional gun control efforts, Nugent riffed on several of his common talking points, including his disapproval of President Barack Obama and his distrust of any form of gun control legislation.

  • phoebe Texas

    Ted Nugent Calls Black CNN Host A Liar: ‘If Don Lemon Is A Journalist, I’m The Prez Of The NAACP’2/21>>>>

  • Julie Goldman

    Outspoken rocker Ted Nugent is now catching heat from his own brother on his uncompromising stance on gun rights. In a Washington Post op-ed published Friday, Jeffrey Nugent, Ted's older brother, wrote that while he agrees with his younger brother's fervent defense of the right to bear arms, he splits with the "Cat Scratch Fever" singer on expanding background checks.

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‘We Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves That Our Media is Convicting This Man’: Ted Nugent Speaks.....“The only time a black life matters to Al Sharpton is when a black person is killed by maybe – not a Hispanic, but a white Hispanic. Mike, you and I couldn’t make this stuff up,” Nugent thundered in concluding his remarks on the Martin case.

Ted Cruz is the personification of wingnut evil.

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