5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman


I'm silently judging your font choice

A Quick Guide to Southern Grammar

Always Chad!

Me and my cousin. Love you Hope

Pretty much!

Amazing - perhaps a funny gift idea

Bwahahaha! Love this.

hehehe clever

Well played Google, well played.... made me smile :) go ahead~ do it!~

No officer, my speech isn't slurred. I'm just talking in cursive. Not that I would ever drink and drive but this is pretty funny!!

Men are like Fine Wine Funny Sign Wood by CountryWorkshop on Etsy, $23.00

Good name for a wireless network

Oh how true!

LOL! I think this ALL the time. And WHY is there no messenger function on Pinterest yet? Sometimes I want to send an email/private message. I guess that'd make it Facebook, huh? Ha! If we're friends in your head, *wave your hands in the air and wave 'em 'round like you just don't care!*

Today's Modern Woman. pick two: clean house; healthy dinner on table at dinnertime; fit trim & well groomed; works full time; laundry done and put away; great sex life....pick any two.