hours of work for this beautiful mane

The mane! Wow :)

Big Jake, a Belgian gelding owned by Jerry Gilbert, of Poynette, is the world's tallest horse and stands nearly 6-foot-11 at the shoulders.

How do I STILL lack a black horse to do this? How!?!? We had 12 at one point( black mini doesn't count) and still no black horse lol

Cute for a parade! My art-loving daughter will be all over this when she sees the pic.

whole main braid

Lattice or Continental braid

Horse Riding Serenity - I need this shirt!

flex saddle this would make my day like no other well this and new barrel horse!!!

Western Equestrian

#black #horse #summer #purple #flowers

Look at all that mane!

Tiered braiding on a mane. Lovely! #braids #braiding #horses

" All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl "** I may have to agree with this statement

It's a solar thing that not only dries your horse quickly but loosens their back muscles and promotes muscle elasticity... The things they come up with but this is really cool! HECK YEAH! Candy man would be all about this

Friesian horse black stallion dressage

Grazing Management Infographic

Premiera Athena Bridle - Black/Black

Footworks Hoss, AQHA Stallion Now why can't any of my horses manes grow like half as long as this!!