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We raised our girls on real food, and they loved everything I tried with them except for yogurt (go figure). At six weeks old, I introduced them to commercial grower feed. They didn't like it. While I found that to be somewhat annoying, I was very proud them them for knowing the difference between "real food" and manufactured food-like substances.

This would be great for chickens in the winter - a moveable, covered run that could be shifted into a sheltered spot. It wouldn't provide a ton of outside space, but in winter they tend to spend more time in the coop anyhow.

Cottage Life / Another shot of the chickens with chicks and the Clematis | Flickr - Photo Shar

Chicken coop - do you think George would notice if I got a couple of laying hens for the back yard? I 'spose we'd need a rooster, too.

Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.

Looks like my Tree/dog house because of the boards that we hid our number two when steph and i were kids lol

Gonna get some eggs to cook & dye. I'm heading to the barn after this gathering in the chookhouse................

chicken tractor - wheels all around = easy to push instead of lift & pull

This is where Baba Yaga keeps her birds.

DIY Chicken Coop. A little too rustic for my taste, but I like the design.

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