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Interactive Fibre Optic Carpet €2,105.40 A black wall carpet framed in wood with fibre optic strands. The carpet has four coloured hand switches that, when pressed, will turn the fibre optics red, yellow, green or blue. The switches are very sensitive and the slightest touch will cause the selected colour change.

The Light Cube - Portable, durable, and rechargeable, the 41cm (16'') cube illuminates all five surfaces with strobes, flashes, and colour changes. Includes a remote control, power source, and Teacher's Guide. The Touch'n'Feel Texture Squares is a hands-on kit that allow kids to discover a variety of materials and textures while learning the corresponding vocabulary- ie. slippery and soft The Large Opaque Sensory Ball is 4" with rounded rubber spikes. Fun for group or individual play