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@Chalene Johnson's photo: "Shapely arms and sexy shoulders!! I'm using a Very inexpensive piece of equipment that you can pick up at Walmart, target, amazon, or! When it comes to strength training your muscles don't know the difference between weights or bands. Bands are a very portable, Inexpensive way to shape and tone your whole body! Check my other videos for great lower body exercises! #chalenevideos Muscle burns fat! Remember that muscle is the key to improving your…

from Lauren Conrad

Fit Tip: Why You Should Be Using Weights

Fit Tip: Why You Should Be Using Weights {this is a great read for's time to start using those weights to get toned and lean!}

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A 30-Minute Strength and Cardio Circuit to Challenge Your Entire Body

An 8 minute total body barre strength video! Pin for those days you can't get to the gym, but want to get in an awesome at-home workout :)

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Rear Raising Lunge Sets: 3 Reps: 20 A. Begin in a split stance with right foot on top of a box or step. Lower into a lunge, bending back knee directly under hip as both arms extend overhead. B. Shift weight into right leg, and stand up onto step, extending left (back) leg straight behind hip as arms lower by sides (avoid leaning forward with torso as leg lifts). Hold for one count, and then lower to return to the starting position. Complete all reps on the first side; then switch legs and r…

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Firm Up, Slim Down: Burn Fat Faster with Weights