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  • Rebecca Simon

    He's twice the superhero Iron Man is or should I mean thrice, seeing as he plays a character from the comic books the losers...

  • Wendy Bunker

    Idiot casting director should have never used the same guy from another super hero movie. Imo he is what's wrong with Captain America

  • Jacob

    Ok guys so here's the thing! He's both the Human Torch and Captain America, and in the original comics the fantastic 4 helped the Avengers with some of there battles! SOOOOO, if they go by the original storyline in the next couple of movies, he might have to be both characters and they will have to photo shop his body like they did for the captan America movie because he has too much muscle mass now to play Captan America!!! XD HI! In case you missed it I'm a nerd.

  • Renamed Martha

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This would be awesome. Chris E. could play both parts and the characters would just be oblivious to the fact they look alike. LOL

Huh, I never noticed that before. That is awesome! Avengers Nick Fury

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Thor: he was trying to pull Mjolnir out of the ground with his pick-up. The Avengers: he was being interviewed at the end and said something along the lines of "superheros in New York? Give me a break." Can't remember the rest >_

Heroes' city. (okay, Spidey. you're allowed in. Just this once) This would be an awesome scavenger hunt!!

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Hah. I'd have used a higher stitch count though. At least 28 or something. And linen. Though, Cap's a straight up sort of guy. I guess he deserves an even weave.

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