Oh Marvel

This made me laugh out loud! GOOGLE indeed

Oh, Chris.

The Avengers... watch captain America first then watched fantastic 4 and could not take him seriously

Super Ads

Spider-Man and The Avengers funny

Marvel movies...kinda freaking out...

Marvel: The Avengers Cast - Captain America - Chris Evans

And this is why we love Marvel.

Thank you! :D

Mean Avengers

haha, chris evans

Captain America the avengers Chris Evans

Nothing like a man who rides off on a motorcycle in a brown leather jacket.... swoon....Fictional Character Crush: Captain America...and Chris Evans

Tony Stark clarifies his and Steve Rogers relative positions in the Avengers.

"I want your love and I want your avenge!"

"You ran 13 miles in 30 minutes!" "I got a late start" -Captain America Winter Soldier part

Avengers funny - this made me laugh way to hard.

Chris Evans <3

Thor, The Avengers