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Mummy & Me Pamper Kit

Here's a fun drill for little ones! We use this drill to give our four and five year olds a target when kicking their bottom leg in a handstand. Kicking the first leg is easy, it's the second leg they tend to leave behind! They could do handstands all day while the coach tries explaining how to kick their second leg OR you can give them a french fry as a target! French fries make it fun! #handstand #gymnastics #preschool #flip #kids #kidsfirstsports

Babyprints Frame

Capture your little one’s tiny hand and footprint impression in this classic white wood frame. There’s a window for baby’s 6”L x 4"W photo in the center. Frame measures 12”L x 18-1/2"W comes complete with a white beveled mat and mess-free “clean-touch” ink pad. We personalize it with any name and any date, up to 24 characters each. For wall mount.

Mauritius: Grand Baie. Temple of Shiva. A little temple dedicated to Shiva. With an altar for Ganisha, youngest son of Shiva and a second one dedicated to Kartiki, the eldest son of Shiva.

These are the same people that got a trophy in little league "just fot playing". Their parent's gave them whatever they wanted and rarely, if ever disciplined them. They grew up constantly being told that they are "special" and can't understand why now, in the real world they aren't treated as such. I know it's not everyone, but I'll wager everbody knows someone like this

I don't think Cadence is that old, I think she was around Twilight's age when she was a foal sitter... I also don't think she was around before Luna was banished... Tirek drained Shining Armor's power, knowing he was a prince, and guessing there must be a princess of the Crystal empire, which is neither Luna or Celestia. I think Discord told Tirek about Cadence but not about Twilight... that's my guess.

Little Penguin Christmas Ornament CLEARANCE

Need to get one of these! My love of penguins and lego combined :D LEGO Little Penguin Christmas Ornament by ornaments4charity