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Still no Loki movie, Black Widow  movie, Hawkeye movie or Budapest movie

Epic Marvel Studios Announcement: Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe ~ Learn the Title and Date of EVERY Marvel Studios Movie between now and May no black widow movie >:(

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Get Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. Raiders of the Lost Ark is an adventure film set in Archaeologist and college professor Indiana Jones, after an unsuccessful excursion in South America, is.

Marvel Phase 3 line up??? |

Marvel Phase 3 line up???

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More Minion Marvel Mash-up Art! Earth's Mightiest Minion Avengers: Age of Ultron ~ Minion Style. All your favorite Marvel Avengers as Mi. Earth's Mightiest Minions Avengers Age of Ultron

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Was never much of a fan of the comic character until Robert Downey Jnr breathed new life into him. I Love Robert Downey Jr.


If the Avengers were cats, Tony would totally be a sleek Siamese in purrfectly tailored armor. And the Hulk would definitely be a big fluffy Persian - or a Maine Coon. <<<< And they wouldn't be the Avengers. They'd be the Aveng-purrs.

Look at these amazing actors.  Look at the actors' eyes and then at the characters.  (Might as well ignore the top; I don't know why they gave Tony Stark two pictures of himself but they're the same.) The actors look playful, but then when in character they are suddenly so changed.....look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris.  LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING

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