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If I ever have a need for my own business cards, I would want something like this. Miller Creative Business Cards

Here’s a look at Miller Creative’s brand-spanking-new business card design. They are printed on bend-proof gray coverboard recycled paper, printed letterpress in 2 colors and then rubber-stamping of tiny messages on the card's edges.

특이한 명함디자인을 모아봤다. 동물병원이나 케어센터 등 동물 관련된 직종 명함인 듯 하다. 스템프형태의 도장. 블랙과 금박의 고급스러운 명함. 언뜻보면 포장된 초콜릿 같기도 하네... 특이한 나무재질 컨셉의 명함 반투명/ 투명재질의 특이한 명함 세로형태 청소업체?? 포켓형태 이 명함은 하나하나 수제제작이네....;; 사진을 활용한 명함. 인쇄비용 좀 들듯..ㅋㅋㅋ

Awesome biz cards for/by BeeTeeth Fresh Air Farm Business Card by Whiskey Design Business card, printed on letterpress in two colors, with b.

modern, typographically-driven. Again, black and white with 1 bold color. High quality printing / letterpressed.

Yellow is a fantastic color. It goes so well with both black and white. Here are 25 hard-to-miss examples of beautiful yellow business cards.

Lovely stationery sarah machtsachen2 in Stationary

business card for graphic designer sarah burvenich. nice simple design, easy to get the required information yet still visually pleasing. also a good idea to leave space for people to write on.