Singing Canary cleansing drink

The Singing Canary drink....for ADRENAL FATIGUE. It's an ADRENAL REVIVER; it's pretty tasty, too...

The Singing Canary - good for adrenal fatigue

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Singing canary

Singing Canary, Shrinker, and GGMS

singing canary concentrate

The Singing Canary Dry Concentrate. I love THM's healthy, refreshing "Singing Canary" sipper. It's a THM-FP and is great for replacing your high glycemic glass of orange juice each morning as well as a homemade EmergenC to sip on all day when you feel a cold coming on. You can use 2 tsp. pure stevia OR 1+1/3 cup of THM Sweet Blend if you prefer. A single recipe can take a little time to put together, but I hope this concentrate will encourage you to make this delicious drink more often...

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