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The Singing Canary - THM - helps fight adrenal fatigue and so much more.

Trim Healthy Mama - Singing Canary drink.... Tastes soooo good and is soooo good for you!! ^_^

Artful Homemaking: Healing Adrenal Fatigue {The Singing Canary Drink}

The Singing Canary drink....for ADRENAL FATIGUE. It's an ADRENAL REVIVER; it's pretty tasty, too...

Singing Canary (no link) - This drink is medicinal sunshine over ice. I'd never had turmeric before, and it's kind of an acquired taste perhaps. I don't skimp on the vanilla or sweetener (I use homemade Truvia or off-plan Splenda), and it kind of reminds me of drinking OJ back before diabetes. Look up the benefits of turmeric -- and eat with something containing black pepper to really boost the turmeric's healing powers.

16 Two-Ingredient Cocktails Anyone Can fancy names to simple drinks

Trim Healthy Tuesday :: The Singing Canary - Trim Healthy Mama

The Blue House Blog: {Trim Healthy Mama} Five Reasons You May Not be Losing Weight.

16 Two-Ingredient Cocktails Anyone Can Make. The Paloma! I'm sure Chuy remembers this from Cancun.

Singing canary THM | Drink Away Adrenal Fatigue with the Singing Canary! (