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Sadly the children of the United States and the poor children of other countries and this is the reality

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Funny pictures about It's The Sad Truth. Oh, and cool pics about It's The Sad Truth. Also, It's The Sad Truth photos.

Underground cities will be safe but boring.Underwater cities will provide a more comfortable living environment with lots of fantastic and varied foods.

Aggrandized Ego, Alienated Soul: Contesting the Atrophy of Instinct in an Age of Anxiety ~ RiseEarth

Steve Cutts sure knows where humanity is heading if his artwork is anything to go by. This London-based illustrator uses cute yet horrific images to show us the state of the world through corporate greed, smartphone obsessions, junk food, and the exploitation of animals. Before working as a freelance illustrator, Cutts worked in the corporate […]

London illustrator shows us the horrors of modern day society (slightly NSFW)

Get off the fence

Life is all about freedom. My main focus in life is to live free.

The image of a foreigner holding a McDonald's burger on her head and a Diet Coke in her hand is an example of how cross cultures of goods, foods transpire through globalization. Amercian food becomes available in countries all over for other cultures to enjoy.

How Globalization Went Pop and What It Means for Workers

What's scarier than this?  Clever and sad.

The New Threat (Sea Pollution poster) on Behance. Make a difference. Be a role model and don't trash the ocean. Pick up litter and properly dispose of it so that it doesn't hurt our oceans or wildlife. They are counting on us to